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No more Operations and Flashpoints! Please work on other things that will expand the game . I see that in every Big update its the same things over and over again . Add things to worlds that will draw people there so theres not 400 people on a fleet . Add Gambling on Nar Shadar , add pod racing on tatooine, I mean just things like this adds more depth and gives us more things to do that will make this game more dynamic.
I agree, good open world pvp dynamic and flowing, DOAC style, pod, swoop, racing this is a huge IP there is no limit on what can be done, only self imposed limit that EA has on creativity..

I am looking forward doing the HK quest line, and seeing the cartel store.. I hope as the future unfolds so does really new stuff and not the same ole thing over an over, I sure would like my toon to feel like it lives in the world an not just playing though it.
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