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11.14.2012 , 01:21 PM | #13
I just thought I'd share this story... I logged on last night mainly to check out the GTN. I had huge, huge lag. The kind where the game sends you to your own personal Imperial Fleet gulag, and you have to stand alone and motionless waiting for the final kick back to the server screen. I restarted, and it happened again. Checked my connection and everything came up OK, yet it happened again.

Then I started thinking about hordes of F2Pers starting out, and incompetent BW having no idea how to handle the additional tax on the servers. I had a big ol’ rant brewing on the nerd range. I was going to QQ and threaten and cry salty nerd tears all over the forum and I know damn well I’d have had a chorus of support for blaming all my frustrations on F2P and BW.

For no good reason, because I already knew who to blame, I did a tracert. Instead of the proof I was looking for, I had a horror show moment like in When a Stranger Calls… the lag was inside the house. The why and the how is above my head, but my wireless card was reporting a good connection even though it wasn’t “N” or 5GHz. There’s nothing wrong with a 2.4GHz network per se, except when you know you aren’t running one. I reinstalled my Intel drivers, restarted, and the whole problem went away.

I expect a lot of witch hunting and futile nerd rage… like the kind I narrowly avoided Oh, and the massive devaluing of GTN items as attention and the initial glut of coins goes to the cartel market.