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Based on what I've seen frequently in chat and occasionally here on the forums, many people seem to think that the game will be overwhelmed with noobs and trolls tomorrow morning. I think that's overstating it by a lot.

First of all, anyone who just wants to try out a free version of the game can already do so - you've been able to play to 15 for quite some time now.

Hundreds of thousands of people were subscribers before, but have left over the last few months. Many people seem to think that the hordes left because they were unhappy with endgame content. Being F2P doesn't change that, so I don't see any reason why hordes will show up just because the game they didn't like before is now free.

Sure, lots of people may come back tomorrow, or for the weekend, just to poke around. This happens every time there's a big patch.

The ONLY reason I can see for long-term population increases is if BW's stated premise - that lots of people really enjoyed the game and want to come back, but they just didn't want to play as subscribers - is actually true.
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