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Crushing darkness is your weakest dot on a tick for tick basis, why would you want it synched with DF, eating all your charges? Its not really a huge deal in a raid like mine with several sorcs doing their dots, as it gets ate right away anyway, but there's no reason to specifically try to sync it.

My opener is affliction -> creeping terror (remove for hybrid spec of course) - cool downs (double crit and adrenal if using) - death field - FL till wrath - Crushing darkness - FL till stuff comes off cool down.

I use tor assistant to help track my dots due to the aforementioned several sorcs in my raid. Plays a sound when aff and CT come off cool down. You want to always apply dots right after they come off, not before, so the sound is a nice reminder.

I think last time I dummy tested I was around 1550 to 1600 without stim, adrenal, agent buff or armor debuff. Not sure what I can get on a dummy test with all that stuff.

Edit: and yes, alacrity absolutely does affect your DPS as madness/hybrid. The bis setup on mmomechanics has 240 alacrity vs 360 surge (4 items with alac vs 6 with surge, all low endurance)
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