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The only question about accuracy is with Ilevel63 gear and wether we should gear to +10.27% or drop to +8.68%. With Ilevel61 gear we hit +9.89% which was optimal. Personally i'm currently at this stage of Ilevel63 gearing and i'm going with +8.68% accuracy as i believe it's more beneficial than exceeding +10% by .27%. A Merc would benefit more by going with +10.27% as exceeding 10% would benefit their Unload offhand. Simcraft confirms this as well. Since simcraft doesn't work with commandos i can only speculate that dropping to +8.68% is best. So i won't confirm that it really is best for commandos. I think it's so close you could go either way and not notice a difference.
Would it be possible to get a list (or a character on AskMrRobot) with the ideal/suggested mods/enhancements? There was one around here somewhere for the BH/Campaign gear level & that helped me work out what I needed to get in order to get (near) BiS.