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Well most refer to that build as a hybrid build not madness/ balance. Using simulations pure balance has slightly higher theoretical than hybrid though you lose out on some burst potential.

R u referring to dummy parses? Whoever is claimin they are parsing 2k on an ops dummy, without the use of an armor debuff or sent/Mara buff they are most likely exaggerating. Your numbers look about right to me though I haven't parsed a dummy for months. Parses on actual boss fights are tough to compare as mechanics between encounter favor different specs. For example,I have been running mostly tele/lightning though recently switched to balance/madnes for 16 man tfb. However, only puzzle boss and final boss favor the dot specs imo.

I haven't run hybrids since double dipping and Pom were nerfed. I feel it is inferior for both pve and pvp but there are others that strongly support the opposite view.

As for the rotation, that hybrid probably has the easiest and most boring rotation. Clipping dots or prematurely ending your channel are common mistakes. Latency/ lag maybe another reason you feel you are falling behind in dps. Lag and the horrible queuing system can really be detrimental to a heavy channel spec. Keeping deathfid and crushing darkness sync'd as much as possible will help your number a bit (with the rotation you posted your death field and CD are already unsynced by about 6-8 seconds)
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