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seriously?? have u ever SEEN a star wars movie?

no i didnt get far,,and u seem to forget the newbie planet

i know we get ships a t lvl 17, but it would have been FAR better, to simply not HAVE a ship from start

jedis dont start with a lightsaber either, it would have made SO much more sense,,both storywise

and in gameplay,,to go out and GET a ship , rather than getting a stolen ship back,,and no, han solo

would NOT have done it this way,,look at the remastered edition of ANH,,han actually provokes

jabba before takeoff,,,but here im supposed to just get on his trail and grind missions to get it back?

how many stolen cars disappear on earth,,and now imsupposed to find a single ship in the galaxy?

good luck with that,,no han would have :

gotten money for a bountyhunter

or a new ship, and try to chase the thief

omg lol i hope ur kidding or u r really dumb Han Solo would chase the Falcon to the end of the galaxy its his honey not just a replaceable object!!
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