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Jedi Knight - Cyborg. Don't see why this needed unlocking considering there's plenty of them in canon, and as a frontline fighter you're bound to get hurt more than the others. Oh fine, if BASE I'm going with Human.
Jedi Consular - Miraluka, natural affinity with the Force. And while I don't know much of Mirialians, they seem to have an affinity to it too.
Trooper - Human or Zabrak, for their Leadership/Loyalty (heh) social skills.
Smuggler - Human. See plenty of Mirialian ones too.

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood (if Dark Side) or Human/Cyborg (both Dark and Light)
Sith Inquisitor - pretty much every race, but Rattataki and Twi'leks would fit with the slave storyline the best.
Bounty Hunter - Human or Zabrak, especially if you're going the Mandalorian way.
Imperial Agent - seems to me a whole class dedicated to our blue boys and girls, the Chiss.