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Your reply blows my mind....

I know you consider yourself a talented player. Do you miss the animations of Force Scream and Vicious Slash start to go the first half of the animation, and then just stop? Those abilities hitch, and it's the exact same as being hit with a short stun.

I can totally understand why/how the 1st guy that replied misses this, because he doesn't have any attention to detail, but wow Xerian, I expect much more from you than trying to derail this thread into something else.

The animations of Force Scream and Vicious Slash hitch, or in other words, they start to go through the animation, but only go through 1/2 the animation, and then reset.

It's a bug/error with the animation. I would have fully expected a rank 100 marauder to have noticed this, and be on board for trying to get this to the attention of the developers.
To be fair, and to use your words, the only "hitch" was the old smash animation. Word on the street was that it could occasionally occur when rapidly spamming keybound icons. So in other words...

Do you button mash much? Hilarious.

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