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11.10.2012 , 01:48 PM | #35
Answer to thread title- Rusk.

My sentinel is 41 and I finished Chapter 2 around 36-37. I love running with Scourge but since I refuse to gear him in Jedi garb the fun is restricted to gray lower level heroics for now. As it is, at this point, with Scourge still in the armor he arrived in, I'd be an idiot with a death wish to have him out with me on Belsavis. It can be safely assumed I've already 'set aside' a certain number of cartel coins for Scourge...

So no. He's not useless. He just suffers from the same gear issues as all the other companion tanks, with the added problem of aesthetics dictating that it would be beyond ridiculous to stuff him into Jedi robes (or Trooper armor).