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Since Snipers main abilities are used from Cover and only a few of those abilities are usable outside of Cover most Snipers will set their Cover bars up in a manner that allows them to best use those abilities.

Since there are also "mirrored" abilities (such as Eviscerate and Head Shot) the non-Cover bar can easily be set up to provide similar abilities to those usable only from Cover.

For example, both my main bar and my Cover bar are set up with Escape, Distraction, Rifle Shot, Shatter Shot, Head Shot, Takedown and Debilitate in the same locations since these abilities are of use both in and out of Cover.

Follow Through shares a slot with Leg shot since both are situational (Am I following a Snipe/Ambush/Takedown or am I trying to open distance to a target?), Snipe shares a slot with Overload Shot (as both are what I consider "primary attacks") and Shiv shares a slot with Ambush (again, situational with cool downs).

There are some slots used in Cover that I have empty when out of cover because they don't have mirrors (Cover Pulse, Series of Shots). Other abilities that I use are placed on secondary and tertiary bars accessed via Ctrl and Alt and still more abilities are on a fourth bar that has no key binds and can only be accessed via mouse clicks (quick travel, buffs, Sprint and the like).

A number of abilities I won't use and have no place on my bars (Eviscerate since it shares a cool down with Head Shot and is used in the same situations).

Cover and Stealth bars allow me to retain the same "key press memory" regardless of what stance I'm currently in. Used properly they make the key binds more intuitive and make my game play more efficient.
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