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I posted a similar thread in the knight page but I'm honestly not certain a Dev will ever see that request. So...

Devs, PLEASE consider shortening the burn on Plasma Brand to 9 seconds to match its cooldown.

One of the reasons I feel it is important is the ability to proc Master Strike conflicts with the PB cooldown- you have to choose if you want to let the full burn go for PB's full dps instead of hitting it again on a chance for MS to proc and finish its cd.

With a vig guard as my main since launch, I am always looking for ways to improve my play, both in terms of enjoyment and actually being useful to my ops group. It is one of the more attention-requiring specs to play well in terms of watching cd's and procs, and I enjoy playing it the most of my toons. Despite our ability to keep up when played well, I know that I have been asked to leave ops because I was a guardian, to make room for a sent (pug group, not guild, but it still stung). While Vigilance can top charts or at least come close, in general it is still behind a lot of other classes in overall dps. I know tweaking classes is tricky, and Focus is the guardian flavor right now, but it's just not my style, I love the vigilance spec and just want it to be competitive. I think this minor tweak would help raise overall dps without being gamebreaking.

I know it's been posted about before, but I just wanted to bring attention back to this issue for my favorite class.
^this. love how this spec plays but it needs some work. also the dots that go along with overhead slash and blade storm could use some love. it would be cool that if depending on how many stacks of sounder armor you have your dot damage goes up, say for every stack of sunder armor the damage dealt by your dot effects is increased by 5% stacks up to 5 times.