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First I want to make this clear; no one in my guild is telling me that I need to roll a tank. I just feel guilty that some of them have to run ops on their tank alt instead of their dps. My main is a healer, so while I am not running them that often on my dps, I am running them on my main.
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Playing a tank will help you experience the third side of the trinity, and will make you a better healer and dpser. Also if you understand the role of a tank well, and get a fair amount of experience you should be able to contribute more to the development of strategies for new fight (that is if you do progression raiding).
I know this is true, it didnít really seem to matter in everything up to NIM KP and EV, but doing EC and TfB on my DPS, really helped me heal them on my sawbones. The next time I healed either of them I knew when and where the damage was coming from which made be better prepared with big heals and HoTs on those that I knew would need them. I was also better able to pay attention to DoT and know what could be cleansed and what couldnít. Even when I could not do anything, I had the knowledge of how to tell dps to mitigate damage when I had to concentrate on the tanks.
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It depends, a lot of people aren't able to tank HM EC and HM TFB, if you can (and your guild needs a tank for it) then I'd say you should at least offer. If you're not able to tank HM TFB and Nightmare EC when it's out then don't feel guilty about not offering.
Have no clue since this is my first MMO, but believe I could figure it out, after all I figured out healing. No doubt I was the worse healer ever when I first hit 50, but now while I still donít consider myself great, I am fairly competent and have been told that I am really good by even pugs. I know my abilities on every toon. Learned in my first HM FP that it was key to a successful run especially for a healer, sure it is the same for a Tank. Only tanked twice so far in the game and one of those was on my sawbones. Tank died on SOA, I got aggro and somehow kitted him under a pillar. Pillar got him, but me too, but dps finished him off. My guild still jokes about my smuggler being a backup tank. The only other time was on my dps shadow on the turrets at the start of HM EV. I guess I did alright, no one got hit by the turret, but meÖOf course I died right as dps finished off the turret. Beyond that I have just used the taunts on my shadow to divert NPC to me instead of the fresh 50ís I help with dailies. I am really good both on my healers and my dps and using what abilities they have to mitigate damage.

Thanks everyone...think I will roll a tank or change my shadow to a tank, but only after I get my Knight to 50. If nothing else I can use it to get guild mates though hm fp faster.