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you are right its been posted before, since day one of release. I personally posted a huge thread about improvements to the vigilance tree, and thats one of them. Seriously a 9 sec CD skill with a 12 sec dot.

3 sec of thats wasted.

I would also like to add, however. That this is FAR FAR down on the list of balance issues they need to fix.

I am waiting for the reasoning behind taking all of an operatives damage away, and giving it to a deception assassin along with tons of damage resistance.

I quit for 8 months, logged into my 50 sin, respecced him from madness to deception, went to blackhole to smack about some eilites. Jesus Christ. I am in old centurion gear, the horrible old pvp gear you cant get anymore. 4k shocks, 4.5k discharges, 5k mauls, 2.3.k volitic slashes. You are never without a skill hitting hard as heck.

Logged onto my 50 operative ........Seriously what the heck did they do? Backstab is laughable with a CD so long it makes it not only crap, but acid blade crap becuase I cant apply it for 12 seconds once in combat, shiv seems the same-ish but it was always bad, laceration seems to hit for less, and I cant put my finger on why, but I burn through energy faster now.

I would like to see some of our burst moved back and backstabs CD put back to what it was, seriously? Maul no CD, internal 9sec CD proc for 30% more damage? Bstab 12 sec....crap dmg compared to maul even at base. and our 30% crit damage talent sitll has SEVER TENDON on it?! our like 200 dmg ranged snare? Good call on that one. And our surbibability is crap as concealment or lethality, the DR is in the medic tree...and only 4%. Sin is sitting on 30% base and 55% with dark embrace. -_-

Anyway, so yea, Plasma brand should be (or better be) REALLY low on the list.
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