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11.06.2012 , 12:50 PM | #1
I posted a similar thread in the knight page but I'm honestly not certain a Dev will ever see that request. So...

Devs, PLEASE consider shortening the burn on Plasma Brand to 9 seconds to match its cooldown.

One of the reasons I feel it is important is the ability to proc Master Strike conflicts with the PB cooldown- you have to choose if you want to let the full burn go for PB's full dps instead of hitting it again on a chance for MS to proc and finish its cd.

With a vig guard as my main since launch, I am always looking for ways to improve my play, both in terms of enjoyment and actually being useful to my ops group. It is one of the more attention-requiring specs to play well in terms of watching cd's and procs, and I enjoy playing it the most of my toons. Despite our ability to keep up when played well, I know that I have been asked to leave ops because I was a guardian, to make room for a sent (pug group, not guild, but it still stung). While Vigilance can top charts or at least come close, in general it is still behind a lot of other classes in overall dps. I know tweaking classes is tricky, and Focus is the guardian flavor right now, but it's just not my style, I love the vigilance spec and just want it to be competitive. I think this minor tweak would help raise overall dps without being gamebreaking.

I know it's been posted about before, but I just wanted to bring attention back to this issue for my favorite class.