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Quote: Originally Posted by Lexlo View Post archive or collection of pre-game screenshots? I believe this website removed them post-1.2 and I haven't been able to find them since.

I'm looking for screenshots along the lines of this:

I am looking to use the screenies to make a timeline of TOR's Graphical changes.
If you are looking for what I believe you are looking for, it was all contained in the fansite kit, which was updated on ... June 18, 2012. It had avatars, biographies, classes, inhabitants, logos, misc. screenshots, misc. wallpapers, planets,and starships in it form the start of the game. You need to agree to the agreement, in order to download this from the site. Since its update, if you are looking for anything that may not be there, I would suggest contacting a fansite or guild website that may have downloaded the fansite at that time, tell them what you are looking for, and try to set something up.
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