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10.25.2012 , 08:17 AM | #29
Does anyone remember the WB during the rakghoul event?
And yes you had to kill the wb to get the title lol
I am on a pve server by the way, we would group up in 24 man groups go in there and grief the Pubs until they gave up and then we would kill the boss. If our group wasn't big enough they would come back and do the same to us. I was out there everyday it was awesome.

I expect this to be the same, Large groups made up to go grab the item while groups are camping to grief.
Yes you will probably need to grab some friends or guildies to go out there with you but it will not break the quest line imo .

I bet most of the complaining will be from people killing the vendor so no one can get the item more so then killing the other players.