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Come on guys. It's a game. No one will control TOD for long anyway, and there will be plenty of opportunity for those who loathe PVP to sneak in there and get what they need.

As for The Ebon Hawk, a few of us are going to use this opportunity to pull the whole community together in a massive RP-PVP event. I think it could be awesome.

This is really a cool aspect of the HK-51 quest. Here's to hoping it goes live with this requirement in it!
What about those who just want to go to the vendor and go?

I have an alt on Ebon Hawk, but in general, for instances like this I normally just skip the RP and just get on with the task that I have. Not saying what you are doing is wrong, it's just that won't people get pulled into it? AoE'n the vendor and so forth.