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I got to say based on 21+ years of pvp in MMORPGs

Outlaws Den will be packed with greifer pk guilds the very day this goes live and anyone that doesnt accept that is lieing to themselves.

Its designs liek this PKers LIVE FOR

Now granted most of said PKers would prefer it be level 10s coming in as they are not about good fights and challenges. They simply want to ruin others enjoyment.

Personally will not matter to me as I already know what this will be like so will gather large group to go at once to protect each other.

But yeah, its a really lame design by EA and breaks yet another promise made by BW and EA before this game launched (was in the now gone FAQ but following what it said)

Question: Do I have to pvp or will I be able to play the game with out being forced into PVP
Answer : We do not beleive in forcing any play style on any players and will never force a player to partake in pvp for pve content

Thats a rough paraphrase but thats basically what it said

HK is clearly a PVE content add on and yet peopel are being forced to pvp to get this pve content!

Again, doesnt effect me in the least but lets not fool ourselves on this

This is yet another broken guarentee/promise by EA regarding TOR.

As for other poster QQing he cant get HK via PVP only.
Yeah, HK really going to help you in Warzones...oh wait no hes not
well he will help in Ilum...oh wait nope again

Ill never understand this desire to turn PVP into PVE by some people!
This hit it on the head. People and guilds will flock at the chance to grief players which is going to cause a massive storm of CS tickets. All you PVP players may not admit it now but you'll be their killing people that are not prepped or have never PVP'ed in this game. Than the one ego Epeen PVP geek who will sit their for days just plucking people for his enjoyment.

You all know this will happen and when enough moaning happens from the PVE players it will get moved. Otherwise the mass flood of CS tickets will keep flowing in till they get tired of it.
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