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That is actually an interesting thought. Assassination as requirement. It has a nice ring to it.

I do have flavor in my gaming life though. Remember my last paragraph says that I do PVP from time to time.

I just want to reiterate to everyone. My opinion on this is just based around having PVP as part of the Requirement for obtaining Companions. Even if it is just a possibility of a PVP Situation as a Requirement. Removing that one thing makes it a lot more appealing to more types of players. I just think it would be better all around to remove that one requirement. It just seems to me like a bad move to have it in a PVP Zone for something that is so widely wanted.

I can understand them wanting to make the Outlaw's Den more desirable, but they can do that in other ways other than using a Companion, something that is mostly used in PVE to begin with. For instance, they could just use really good gear that is for PVP as a better incentive for players to visit the Outlaw's Den. It does not even have to be just PVP gear. Any really good Gear would be better Incentive than a Companion. Heck they could have the more Top end Droid Parts drop as loot there. Say some Droid parts that are only for the HK-51. That would be better incentive than having the actual Requirements for Companions being there.

I do not want people to get the wrong impression of me. It is not that I do not like PVP, as I do like PVP. I am also not scared of PVP or getting killed by other players. After all I have PVP'ed from time to time. In fact I was in the Outlaw's Den the other day. I went through there to get that Datacron. It just seems like a bad idea to me to have something that is widely wanted by all types of Players, PVP and NON-PVP alike, have a requirement that makes one type of player be placed in a situation for something they do not really like to do. in this case PVP.

It is just how I feel.

It is good to see all of you post your views on this though. Even if we all do not agree. It makes for a better community and game if we all express our opinions freely. I hope to see more opinions on this.
I say they should have 2 ways to get this item(s) so the pvpers can goto Outlaws den and the antipvpers can go elsewhere.

Most but not all pvpers are starving so bad for world pvp that they WILL CAMP this vender count on it. But I say if they want open world pvp they should go play on a PVP server. Isnt that what they are for? PVErs play on PVE servers specificly cause they want to avoid PVP totally or want the CHOICE to pvp if they want. There should not be ANY open world PVP areas on PVE servers. If one wants to zone into an OPEN Instance where ONLY PVP activities are then so be it just dont mix any PVE content in there.

There are those who despise PVP with a passion and will unsub if you can believe that if required to play in a way that they dont like. HK-51 is PVE content. So PVPers cant claim being forced to PVE for it as you can only use companions in PVE. Being that the open areas are broken. Why would a full time PVPer even want HK-51? They will never use him. Unless they ALSO like to PVE.
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