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I want to get the communities thoughts on this here in the General Discussion section of the forums.

Currently one of the requirements for the HK-51 is to go into a PVP Zone. A Free-For-All PVP Zone at that. The Outlaw's Den. The requirement is that you go there to a vendor and purchase one or two items needed for the HK-51 quest. The vendor is the Collector Kezzit. In doing so you are putting yourself in a Free-For-All PVP situation.

My thoughts on this are as follows:
First I am all for the HK-51 being hard to get.
I personally do not like this PVP Requirement. I think they should move the Collector Kezzit to a different location. One that is not a PVP Zone. Maybe the Dune Sea. It seems relatively empty in many areas and is not to far away. My reasoning for suggesting this is that for the players that do not like PVP. If they want the HK-51 they will have to subject themselves to a PVP Situation. What BioWare is doing here is Forcing the players to choose between putting themselves in a PVP Situation or not getting the HK-51. In my opinion that sort of Alienates the Non-PVP Player Base and is wrong. Many players have been wanting and waiting for the HK-51. Many of which are Non-PVP players.
My question to (BioWare) is why should the players have to put themselves in a PVP Situation in order to get this Companion?
Another issue I see is that it sets up a situation for possible Griefing which is pretty self explanatory base on the situation that is set up. I can just see this being a problem from time to time. The possibility will always be there if they leave this setup this way for when the HK-51 quest goes live.

For a PVP Server it does not really matter where the Collector Kezzit vendor is located as you are always Flagged PVP. Unless you just do not like Free-For-All PVP. So this issue is mainly for Non-PVP servers.


I am curious to see how many players like this PVP Requirement for the HK-51 or were even aware of it?

I have suggested that the Collector Kezzit be moved in the PTS Section but I wanted to get the thoughts of the community here in the General Discussion section as it is used by a lot more people for whom I would like to see there thoughts on the subject. I know there will be those that like the PVP Requirement and those that do not. I respect and welcome all thoughts and opinions on the subject. It is why I am bringing it up. I am just curious as to what these thoughts and opinions are and how many people are for or against the PVP Requirement.

One last thing for those that are wondering. I do not mind PVP. PVP is a needed feature in MMO's and I have even PVP'ed myself from time to time. I just have an opinion that this one Companion (or any future companion for that matter) should not require a player to put themselves in a PVP Situation in order to obtain it or them. I think they should leaves such requirements to other items. Mainly ones that deal with PVP.
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