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10.24.2012 , 09:33 AM | #3
yeah... unfortunately it's my pretty much only option.

I don't do heroic missions past the origin world. I don't pvp. I don't do Flashpoints. So I need something to do between planets to get me where I like to be... 2 lvls above min for the next planet.

X-wing. Tie Fighter, and X-wing vs. Tie Fighter are for me the best Star Wars games ever. No game to come out since them has approached their awesome.

The Space Combat in SWTOR sucks. It's like a drop of water on the tongue of someone dieing of thirst. I can just sort of taste the space combat I yearn for...

I got another example... from a terrible movie. Battlefield Earth. The aliens starve the humans then let them loose. Then the aliens watch to see what they eat first and assume that must be their favorite food... The humans... starving just eat the first thing they can find... rats.

BW assuming we like their space combat is like the aliens thinking the humans liked eating rat.

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