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10.23.2012 , 04:52 PM | #28
Other than the cartel boxes, which seem to be very similar to star trek onlines lock boxes which were a con, I can't see much that is overly appealing to anyone that makes it to 50. So is the project revenue all going to be from new people to the game purchasing boosts and armour that is often very similar to what is already in the game?

I understand people are against play to win, but as it stands I don't see much from the cartel shop that is going to make this game vastly profitable. There isn't much in the way of must have armour/outfits in there, without housing or even guild ships there is no real need for a throne etc, access passes are likely to be too expensive for the benefit they give.

I was hoping to see more cosmetic options such as species, outfits, companion options etc. Rather than lock boxes etc.