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10.23.2012 , 03:34 PM | #18
1. We know that F2P players won't be able to equip "purple" gear unless they purchase an unlock with Cartel store, but what will happen to players who already have "purple" gear equipped when going F2P ? Will they be "stripped" and receive their items back with the item recovery system, or will they be allowed to wear this gear unless they remove it ?

2. What exactly is (or what will likely be if it's not decided yet) the special status that ex-suscribers will get when F2P hits live ?

3. What will occur to unlocks which are automatically owned by Suscribers if he goes F2P later ? And what if the player purchased it before to suscribe, and then go back F2P, will he lose the perk because he's not a suscriber anymore ?