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Is new content that in the past was released as part of point releases (1.2, 1.3, 1.4) going to cost Cartel Coins for Premium Subscribers to access? Or will it be included for free as part of the Subscription price?

Two of the free items being touted on the f2p page include a Sith Meditation chair and Darth Nihilus's mask. Is there going to be any equivalent love for the Republic-focused toons/players?

There are supposedly 'travel restrictions' for Free Subscribers. What are the details on that? (EDIT): I just saw that the Free Features page has been updated with more info on this. However, given the number of times I've gotten stuck somewhere in the game and had to QT or Emergency Fleet Pass out of it (and the number of 'helpful' prompts saying to use one of those travel options in case of being irrevocably stuck), this is going to be nightmarish for f2p users encountering those bugs.

(ETA2): Elaboration on what 'Limited Character Creation options' means. Related: if you're a Premium Subscriber with Legacy racial unlocks and revert to a Free Account, what will have precedence, the f2p restrictions or the Legacy unlocks?
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