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My own personal view is the whole dilemma is that this is the sad result of escalation as each author has sought to outdo the next in terms of Jedi 'godliness' on the battlefield. Myself? I have no qualms that a Jedi is a very dangerous opponent to face, but they are not gods. As has been mentioned before, Jedi do not master every power en masse. Any Jedi that does master every power would doubtless be the highest paragon of their time. Surely, if the Jedi were as mighty as EU authors make them out to be, we wouldn't have things such as the slaughter of Jedi on Geonosis.

Looking at the battle of Geonosis. I can't remember exact details but we have the Council member gunned down by Jango. We have a Geonosian sonic cannon that takes out two or three Jedi in one shot. We see the Jedi butchered, not by trained soldiers, but by mass-produced cannon fodder with rather dire targeting software. In Episode One, we find Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan pinned down by a pair of Destroyer droids. I'm assuming they can't advance because of the rate of fire. They certainly couldn't force leap, nor use the force to simply crush them. No, as Qui-Gon says, "It's a stand off.", and then they promptly withdraw.

I personally think, and I know it will never happen, that authors and fans need to tone down on just how powerful and godly Jedi really are. Yes, the force is a powerful ally, but it doesn't turn Jedi into unstoppable avatars of war that require multiple squads of elite soldiers with high-end gatling cannons to bring down. It gives them an advantage, yes. It makes them dangerous, yes. It doesn't and shouldn't make them virtually unstoppable.