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10.22.2012 , 10:11 AM | #2
I did every space missions everyday since launch and until i learned BW believed that i loved it. Theyr reasoning seems to be "if they play the missions, they love them". They never understood that we don't love to farm but we do it because we need the rewards. It was the worst farming ever (and i played Everquest 1 during 5 years) in a part of the game that i hate because i consider it a mockery.

I've played a lot of lucas art license since X-Wing. When i heard about swtor, having played champions (same graphic engine) i thought they would managed a "simple" merge. I never imagined one sec we would be facing something that had nothing to do with a real free 3D space combat sim like X-Wing was.

For a time, I hoped the rail "thing" was only a temporary prop before the real thing arrival ...

And now BW announce 10 more rail missions ...

If we want anything else i see only the boycott option. Don't play the so called "space missions". I won't.