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The Orden Legacy-

A group of friends that initially lived in the republic, they were separated at young ages when an imperial attack captured 3 of them. 1 escaped and the other 4 were evacuated. The emotional trauma from the attack led to them losing all memory of their friends and as such they each followed different paths. Rancerle turned up as a republic privateer after a series of jobs he took up after inheriting his ship from his adopted father. Feylara always had some deep seeded anger for the empire so when she first took command of havoc squad, she made sure that the imperials were at least running scared when she was through with them. Occula became a merciful sith lord seldom using her mastery of saber combat when an alternative was available. Farsal was taken in and raised by imperial intelligence agents and as such, became a sniper of unpresidented skill. The only one still remembering the attack, ossollilo developed a habit of spontaneously attacking imperial troopers. Eventually braden found him and he rose to be a true mandalorian (begrudgingly helping the empire). Tenzina had her memory completely wiped and was made to believe she was sith from the start. Her heart was never in it though and eventually she decided to only defend the empires interests, never attacking first. thorsas and amanhotep were made jedi and often traveled together even giving each other money and supplies. eventually the republic ordens realized who they were and made a pact to track down their friends. Rancerle found Ossollilo trying to sabotage an imperial doomsday weapon, thorsas found farsal after quite ironically, farsal tried to assassinate him. feylara found tenzina and knocked her out rather than try and convince her to come quietly. Amanhotep simply walked into Occula in voss ka. reunited they decided to just return to their lives but stay in touch (all except ossollilo who decided to return to coruscant with rancerle, he simply stated that te empire was bound to realise who was secretly sabotaging their death machines eventually).