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Name: Frieze Brandeis
Age: 29
Species: Twi'lek
Origin: Tattooine
Occupation: Smuggler, Scoundrel, and Republic Privateer
Current whereabouts: Dubrillion

Known History: Frieze was born into slavery on the desert planet Tattooine under the rule of the Hutts. He learned the tricks of the trade and developed the street smarts needed to survive. During a vital and secret spice trade, his ship was boarded by Mandalorians under the Imperial banner and ransacked while the crew left for dead in orbit around Hoth. Luckily, a travelling caravan arrived almost a day later and he was rescued later as the only survivor. With vengeance on his mind, he took the mantle of "Frieze" as his heart had become cold as the planet Hoth. He severed his ties to his past killing anyone who got in his way and eventually reclaimed that lost ship to rebuild and remind him of that experience. Later he took up work as an arms dealer and spice runner working under a local patron on Nar Shaada. Frieze was contracted to deliver weapons to the wartorn world of Ord Mantell for an unknown buyer but couldn't comprehend that this simple stop would be the start of his greatest adventure yet...

Personality Traits and Description: A mild case of narcissism, ruthless and will not hesitate to kill anyone even women, has a soft spot for alien suffrage, dislikes patriotism, dependency, ineptness. he is a womanizer, cheats at pazaak, craves adventure, takes the easy way out of situations, combat pragmatist.
"Funraiser" Frieze Brandeis - Republic Privateer

**The Brandeis Legacy **
"First lesson in fundraising, don't give nothing to nobody."