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My Commando

Volk Starshield was born on Coruscant during the Great Galactic War. He was fourteen years old when he witnessed the Sith Empire's attack on Coruscant at the end of the war. During the attack, he was able to save his ten year old sister, Valarah, but their parents were killed during the attack.

With the help of relatives and a moderate inheritance, Volk was able to raise is sister in comfort until he reached the age of eighteen, when he enlisted in the Republic Army. After basic training, Volk was immediately sent into combat operations in the Outer Rim, where he fought for six years, distinguishing himself in combat against separatists, pirates, and the Sith.

It was at the end of his tour, having earned the rank of sergeant, that Volk had his first encounter with Sith Lord, who killed his squad to a man, and left Volk to die after scourging him with force lightning.

Rescued by the Republic, Volk spent a year in a military hospital, with cybernetics derived from the Power Guard project used to mend his injuries and return him to active service. After being cleared for duty, Volk was sent to Ord Mantel to join the elite ranks of Havoc Squad...

Name: Volk Starshield
Age: 25 (at game start)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Coruscant
Occupation: Major, CO of Havoc Squad.

Physical description:
Standing a full two meters tall, Volk's body was left heavily muscled after his Power Guard derived augmentations, allowing him to wield even the heaviest of assault cannons with ease.

Volk has brown hair and one brown eye. The left side of his face is covered with lightning scars, and his left eye is covered with a metal patch to protect the delicate cybernetic eye that allows him to fire his assault cannon accuratly.

The Sith Empire
Sith Lords

Big blasters
Shooting Sith with said big blasters
Elara's accent
The Republic
The Army

Fun facts:
Personal nemesis to the Emperor's Wrath.
Ally of the Hero of Tython.
His younger sister, Valarah, grew up to become a Smuggler.
The Starshield Legacy

Volk- Commando, Dahl- Jedi Guardian, Palantine- Sith Juggernaut.