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Unless I missed it when I was reading, Lorrick's second phase (40% to 10%) seems noticeably absent from the guide. It's pretty straightforward to be sure (KB/CC adds, interrupt Ravage) but I would still think it warrants a mention.
In addition (unless they changed it, haven't run LI in a while), the flame trail that the flaming rakghouls leave should be avoided. Another quick note is that it appears as though the flaming rakghouls also have a predetermined target when they spawn, meaning if they aren't targeting you (seen in target of target screen) then you can ignore them.

Note about LR-5, it was mentioned that OP "believes" incinerate can be cleansed, unless 1.4 brought a change to this (which wasn't mentioned in patch notes) it can be cleansed, though if your tank gets 3 stacks there is a good chance he or she is dead anyway.

Finally a quick note about the final phase on Lorrick, when returning to a wall, if you return to the wall from which you entered, you need to make sure you are on the wall not the door. The door has bugged out before and not prevented you from being knocked back, sending you into the hall and resetting the encounter.
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