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Ok, I have a new toon, an Imperial Agent.

Name: Kiaran'salee
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Chiss
Planet of Origin: Csilla
Occupation: Imperial Operative
Hair color- Blue
Hair length- Close Cropped
Eye color- Red
Body type- Wiry
Weight- 135 lbs
Tone of voice- Soft spoken and quiet.

1. Sith Interference
2. Ineffiency
3. Jedi
4. Beaurocrats
5. Bad intel, or whitewashing events.

1. Excitement
2. Adventure
3. Doing the job right
4. Good Tech
5. Good whiskey

Growing up on Csilla, Kira[for short] went to the Chiss Military academy from a young age, and was chosen for infiltration and wetwork due to solid sense of self and the ability to think on her feet. Transferring to Imperial Intelligence at 18 she went to Dromund Kass for further training and now does spying, espoinage, and anything that needs done.

She has done ops from the outer rim to the core to the unknown regions. Where ever she is needed, that is where she goes.
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