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Name: Taoré Timarick
Age: 25
Species: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dirty Blond
Height: 5'9
Weight: 175lbs
YOB: 3665 BBY
Homeworld: Ossus (born on Corellia)

Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Jedi Guardian

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, Champions of the Force

Rank: Jedi Master
Status: Alive
Marital Status: Married to Kara (Kira) Carson (Carsen)
Known Apprentices: Kara Carson (Kira), Artimos, Nexer


Personality: Despite attaining the rank of Jedi Master, Taoré is still very youthful, and with that comes a seemingly endless pool of energy from which he draws upon to connect with people and the galaxy around him. Often making people laugh, telling jokes, always with a light-hearted, if occasionally explosive and sarcastic demeanour. However, underneath it all lies wisdom and knowledge far beyond his years, as well as a seething pool of internal struggle between utmost serenity and stillness, and a furious storm of chaos. Despite his ever-present energy, he firmly believes in the past and the future both influencing one another, and the present, but that ultimately, choice is what people have, and that choice seperates good from bad, and that we as people can always choose to do what is right. He can be a bit obsessive over things he enjoys (but not to any extreme his peers would frown upon), and always the first to speak out and rattle off fun facts and occasional useless information all for the sake of entertainment. He is also born with a HUGE rebellious nature, and will always stand for what is right, even when it goes against what his superiors believe, which is often, such as his belief in attachments, and isn't in the slightest afraid of telling anyone and everyone off for their foolishness. For this reason, above all, he is considered a maverick (a womanizer for a time) and labelled a "Gray Jedi" by his peers. He cares very deeply for others and will happily throw himself in harm's way to defend others.

Allies: Jedi Kara Carson (Wife, Former Informal Padawan);
Doc Kimble;
Lord Scourge;

Sergeant Shonto Reed-Timarick (Half-Brother/Clone);
Jedi Cayst Timarick (Sister-in-Law)
Captain Josh Grantan
Vera Varela
Master Ashling Cato;
Jedi Astarra Vin;
Jedi Artimos (Former Padawan);
Padawan Nexer; (Informal Padawan)
Padawan Lunika Koumori (Informal Padawan)
Padawan Laranna (Informal Padawan)
Padawan Zoralia;
Master Ty Eid (Former Master, MIA);
Master Rahmé Timarick (Father; Status: Active, Whereabouts: Unknown);

Grand Master Satele Shan;
Master Orgus Din (Deceased);
Revan (Status: Unknown)
Colonel Jace Malcolm
Lieutenant Larin Moxla

Enemies: Lord Kayven (Brother)
Sith Apprentice Saeja Kanno (Former Ally)
Agent Angeleecka Dimock
Darth Gabronth

Darth Malgus (Status: Unknown)
Darth Angral (Deceased)
Grand Moff Kilran (Deceased)

Weapons and Gear: Lightsaber (Hilt: Standard, Crystal: Green), Standard Jedi Equipment (including commlinks, jump lines, rebreather, scramblers, medkits, image caster, homing beacon), Jedi Robes (of black, grey, and beige colour) with additional light armor plates. Owner of a small Corellian Corvette, courtesy of the Jedi Order

Skills: Expert Hand-to-Hand combatant;
Master swordsman (specializing in Form V of Lightsaber combat in both variations, with adequate training in Form I, Form III, Form IV, and Form VI);
Capable of using the Dun Moch capability, often considered a "Sith" skill, but without succumbing to the Dark Side
Talented Speaker with great communication skills
Underrated Leadership Skills;
Underrated Tactical knowledge
Vast Knowledge of Myth and History
Capable Piloting skills
Skilled Archaeologist

Powers: Underutilized, but potent, telekinetic capabilities, capable of sending droids several times his size and strength flying with a simple push through the Force or sending charged telekinetic bursts focused through his lightsaber. He can also bend this telekinetic prowess to slow or even stop foes dead in their tracks for a short while or even break out of even the tightest restraints, including another Force user's own telekinetic use. He can also throw his lightsaber in conjunction with his telekinesis for sneak attacks and long range blows that seldom miss.

He has also shown an aptitude for the Affect Mind capabilities, one being very skilled with the "Mind Trick" but also in the subtler fashion of influencing people's thoughts, either to rally or to debuff, whether it be a war cry, taunting opponents to attack him, or get inside their heads with the often considered "Sith" technique known as the Dun Moch.

He has shown on many occasions he has an aptitude for Battle Meditation and minor skill in the Art of the Small, capable of using it's healing capabilities to great effect, though it requires the utmost concentration to effectively use the latter, whilst it is an simple matter for him to execute the former.

Taoré is also quite capable of using the Force to greatly enhance his strength, agility, speed, and leaping capabilities, often incorporating his natural agility to incorporate other elements of lightsaber combat outside of his comfort zone.

Though limited in his telepathic abilities, he can sense changes in people's emotions, and when he focuses, can often guess what a person is thinking without actually knowing for sure what it is inside their minds.

Though entirely unaware and can never access this ability, his spirit is unique in the Force that every few generations after his death, will return from the Force to the land of the living to continue to battle as one of the many avatars of the light against the darkness, returning at times when the galaxy is on the brink of collapse, and hope is lost. ((ie. NOT WHEN SOMEONE LIKE A LUKE SKYWALKER IS AROUND TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!))

Likes - People who take charge of their lives
Strong Women
People with a good sense of humor
Helping others (even when he doesn't like them)
His Friends

Dislikes - Authority
People who hurt others for pleasure
People who don't even try to take care of themselves
Giving Up