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I never said an assault rifle would gurantee victory.
I just said, they would work as a weapon against them.
Higher velocity and rate of fire will multiply the prblem the Jedi is facing when trying to mount a defence.
A projectile with a velocity of 900m/s will cover a distance of 30 meters in 0.033 seconds.
Thats not much time to react, even vor a force user.
And 900rpm means 15 rounds per second. So, the next bullet is only 0.07 seconds behind. With recoil jerking the muzzle around, not even reading the shooters intent will tell the Force user where the next round will be aimed at.

Open field of fire, multiple shooters and too much distance for Fore leap, and yea, guess the Jedi is finished.
But that's true even with blasters. A faster gun will only reduce the neccessary number of shooters.

If it's one on one, no-one will be able to tell how it will end, but if I am the shooter in such a situation, I guess I would prefer a good old SG550 over a blaster any day.
I dont want to repeat myself over and over again, so I am just going to say this:

Force Shield + Force Leap + Cut down target = problem solved