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That would probably discourage player movement and make the AC less dynamic to play. But I agree with the sentiment - commandos should be given some kind of "turret" functionality on par with Gunslingers. But notice Gunslingers are incented to move by passive talents that kick in when entering and exiting cover (insta-cast charged burst and ballistic dampers). It wouldn't take much imagination - for example there could be separate talents high up in each tree that buff Reactive Shield by shortening its cooldown, make its effects AoE, provide the cc immunity of a Gunslinger's Hunker Down, or the movement buff of a Tactics Vanguard's Hold the Line. That would lend more utility to each tree of the AC in PvP, whether they're holding a platform or carrying the ball. Also, I don't see why the commando's knockback can't have a talented root along with the extra 2 metres (again, on par with the Gunslinger). A few more seconds of breathing room could go a long way to making this AC more playable in PvP. The AC needs two things to save it imo, more group utility and a viable escape mechanic. Slightly more forgiving resource management wouldn't hurt either, but that's beside the point.

I think gunnery needs to be reworked like this, there needs to be some pay off for being so stationary.

As a mid-level gunnery commando in PvP I literally cannot do anything against someone that has 1/2 a clue, I've played every AC (although not every spec) to at least mid-levels in PvP and gunnery is the worst I've found (and it's got worse).

A L10 Gunslinger or Sniper is much more powerful in PvP.
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