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10.11.2012 , 03:10 PM | #11
What two people above said, HK-51 is for the KOTOR fans, of which I am not one but that doesn't mean I won't get HK-51. Also, people use different companions, that's the beauty of having choices. My Immortal Juggernaut uses Jaesa. My Arsenal Merc uses Mako the most but sometimes uses Torian. My Engineering Sniper uses Temple or Vector. My Tactics Vanguard uses either Jorgan or Vik. My Sentinel uses Lord Scourge (melee tank) but that's a personal preference because I really like Lord Scourge. My Infiltration Shadow uses Qyzen (melee tank) most often but I sometimes play with Nadia. My Marauder uses either Vette or Jaesa. My Lightning Inquisitor uses either Revel, Xalek, or Zavros depending on my mood, Revel and Xalek the most.

As you can see, my preference is usually for DPS but that's my personal preference. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the companions as long as you can complete whatever content you are doing. So while HK-51 may be 'pointless' to you, he won't be to everyone.