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Wir haben locker 50 Bugs seit 1.4 (mehr) und teilweise sehr schwere bzw nervliche.

Was bringt ihr?

SLI und ne klassenmission fix?!

Hat Nvidia euch den patch finanziert und die Restlichen Bugfixes gibt es dann im F2P Shop,oder?

Verarsche Pur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mal ne kopierte liste ausm engl forum^^

Quote: Originally Posted by recsa View Post

General / Performance / Stability
  1. Characters stuck at Loading Screen - Discussion 1 - Discussion 2 - Discussion 3
  2. Performance drop after 1.4 graphics changes - Discussion 1 - Discussion 2 - Discussion 3
  3. Client disconnets / Crash to Desktop - Confirmed
  4. Inability to right click on chat names - Discussion 1 Acknowledged
  5. New Implants cost or stats not changed as promised - Discussion 1
  6. Known Schematics being used up even with already known message - Discussion 1
  7. If you return from a flashpoint to your ship (you have to have traveled from there and then return), the ship is no longer at its last position, and is "docked" at the flashpoint you just ran. If you leave via the door without moving the ship to a valid location, you will crash the game AND not be able to log in again.
  8. Unadvertised change in the amount of mats from crafting missions - Discussion 1 Acknowledged
  9. SPACE MISSIONS: If you shot full round of missiles while shooting your lasers next roud of laser fire doesnt deal any damage.
  10. Undocumented rollback on speeder allowed areas on Coruscant - Discussion 1
  11. Undocumented sound changes to a lot of abilities - Discussion 1
  12. Instanced general chat - Discussion 1
  13. Unable to create Legacy Surname. After clicking create, window disappears. - Confirmation required
  14. Sound turns off completely. (Both in space missions as well as in WZ's, half way through 'sometimes' the sound will just cut off. The remainder of the round/mission will be complete silence until you load to another area.)
  15. Upon exiting game at the end of a session the game freezes 'not responding'.
  16. Undocumented change on Champion mobs loot (aka nerf) - Discussion 1
  17. Legacy rename not working - Discussion 1
  18. Problems to get the Black Hole weekly quest - Discussion 1

  1. Graphics totally messed on some setups - Discussion 1
  2. Chat flickering - Confirmed
  3. Graphics Stuttering - Discussion 1
  4. When flying in a taxi (mainly at Coruscant, but reported also at other planets), the taxi flickers in and out of existence just showing your character flying - Confirmed
  5. Hot bars/abilities cooldown effects stuttering. (probably related to the reported General graphics stuttering)
  6. sometimes on inspecting the item tooltips in my character screen and inventory i get graphical glitches (trash on screen) - Confirmed Image 1 - Image 2
  7. When trying to preview gear, some gear shows up and some doesn't. Some gear the I tried to preview not only wouldn't preview but would strip my character naked - Confirmed
  8. Target frame portrait shows every NPC with dark side corruption - Confirmation required

Classes / Abilities / Consumables
  1. Insta sheathe weapons after self buffing
  2. Adrenals/stims: You can click the item multiple times, while it is on cooldown, no error message, but consumes the item. - Confirmation required
  3. Abilities failing to fire. (Abilities will channel and reset GCD but not fire. Other times nothing at all will happen.)
  4. Abilities/attacks not recieving proper bonuses/modifiers. - Discussion 1
    Bounty Hunter / Trooper
  5. "Free" Railshot: with the 4pc set bonus and talents, this is quite commonly not free any longer, at least consistantly. Randomly, it will still cost an additional 8 heat. There is no rhyme or reason i was able to ascertain. sometimes it would not happen for 5 or 6 railshots, and others it would be every railshot.
  6. Target swapping: currently, there is alot more of this happening, which throws resource management out of whack. Wind up time & heat has always been an issue with multiple target swapping phases, but the new content makes this happen more often.
  7. Insta-heal: The heal still uses heat, and if used, as with the "free" railshot not being free, throws the resource management out of whack.
  8. Excesive Heat buildup - Discussion 1
  9. Sweeping Blasters is now bugged again. - Discussion 1
  10. Unload skill screwed up in multiple ways.
    a) Seems to be not channeling correctly, skipping half of it.
    b) Sometimes it appears as if only every other shot is counting.
    c) Sometimes half the shots spray wildly in different directions.

  1. Companion weapons (specifically sabers) remaining "popped" even while sheathed. - Confirmed
  2. Erratic behavior on companion helmet visibility (needs to be manually reaplied) Acknowledged

Flashpoints / Operations
  1. New unadvertised mechanics in EC HM Kephess encounter - Discussion 1
  2. TfB HM 1st boss: he was doing a slight 1-2 m knockback on me as a tank. like an unintended offset. not sure if that was synchronization problem or actual movement of my character.
  3. TfB HM 1st boss: 2 Foul Offspring spawning before the "A Jealous Male Has Arrived to Defend His Mate!" event starts
  4. Undocumented change in Kaon HM turrent event. (Attempting to kill trash in Kaon HM next to turret event starts the event. Didn't happen before patch)
  5. Jindo Krei fight bug in the False Emperor HM FP is back - Discussion 1
  6. In the Red Reaper, when you meet the final Boss, the acolytes do not die so you cannot finish the mission. - Confirmation required
  7. When you are in a operation or flashpoint if you die and hit the "Return to Medcenter" button you'll get revived with full health... - Confirmation required
  8. Flashpoint: Cademimu if you use the sliced taxi it will close out the game, for everyone in the instance. Happened 3 times today after waiting over an hour in the group finder each time. Each time all players were kicked to desktop as soon as someone entered the taxi.

PVP - Discussion
  1. Voidstar - Different issues with this WZ, the more pressing matter is the deciding factor on who wins/loses. It seems teams are beating other teams to the same point, but getting credited with a loss and vice versa. The tie-breaker is also not working, as plenty of peeps have pointed out the attacking team is winning these regardless. - Acknowledged
  2. Reported issue of Ranked Queues not popping on Harbringer. Despite teams working together to get a queue pop, and logging off and back on in case of queue bug, was still not getting the Rated match to start.
  3. When an 8 team is queue'd for Rateds and the queue pops, if a player does not accept or decline of the invite, the WZ used to automatically port you in anyways (which was a nice feature in case someone missed it accidently). Last night, my teammate missed the original queue pop, but was NOT transported to the WZ.
  4. WZ's are not filling up properly - Discussion 1
  5. alderaan getting the wrong factions anouncer ship

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