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EDIT as at 20 NOVEMBER 2012

BW have acknowledged this in state of the game.

Other posts created regarding this issue.

From the Master Dar'Nala Forums - Server Comparison Stream - A fix our server post - F2P predictions on MDN - Where MDN players wish to xfer - The state of MDN's population

From the Gav Daragon Forums - Great post showing how bad APAC is - Low server Population issues - A fix our server post - The affect of F2P on server - Where Gav D players want to xfer - Another APAC population post - Guild summit to help their population

I havent included posts from Dalborra's Forums in this edit as they are doing OK'ish.

Other SWTOR Forums Posts - Transfers when???? - Plans for Master Dar'Nala - Game changes for APAC - Server xfer request - BW lack of care for APAC - Low APAC pops - Dont roll on APAC - Low APAC population

The list can go on and on and on... I think I have linked enough


**Ok end edit - Bioware I eagerly await your reply.**

Hello Bioware

I have created this post in an effort to consolidate all the recent posts contibuted by the APAC/Oceanic server communities regarding the current rapid decline in population on Master Dar'Nala (PvP) and Gav Daragon (RP). It appears the population is OK but not large on the Dalborra (PvE) server.

I need to make it clear that the APAC/Oceanic community are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to have servers in our region but through no fault of our own the population has rapidly declined over the past few months.

From my reading of the forums and discussions online with the players, these are the main issues affecting APAC servers.

1. The servers Master Dar'Nala and Gav Daragon are rapidly declining in population and it is affecting the SWTOR experience by people that play on these servers.

2. Most of the APAC/Oceanic community are in favour for merging servers together by either consolidating all three servers into a "super server" or allowing us to transfer/merge to a nominated APAC server.

3. The APAC/Oceanic Community are upset at the lack of communication from the Bioware development team in regards to future plans of our server.

There are many more issues however I believe these are the 3 priority ones that need to be addressed by the Bioware Development team. Sadly we recently had an extended maintenance period where the APAC servers were down for over 8 hours and not even a patch was implemented. The rest of the world got merged together were given "super servers" and even got 4 additional character spots. We got nothing.. Players raised their concerns in this thread.

This was the official reply from Joveth Gonzalez the Online Community Manager:
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
Hi folks! Thanks for raising awareness for this! Rest assured that Oceanic servers will be getting 12 character slots as well. Apologies for the confusion and the wait as we work on making this adjustment. Thank you for your patience!
The above was a major let down for our community. I am of the opinion most APAC/Oceanic players are not upset that they couldn't create aditional characters, its the simple fact that we were forgotten about.

Developers please take note. The APAC community would like to see the following:

1. Communication and an official comment from the developers in response to the issues raised by the APAC/Oceanic community. Give us an incentitive to keep playing, I don't think patch 1.4 or F2P is going to save our servers. We would like to know something prior to these being implemented, atleast put us out of our misery if the news for us isnt good so players can make informed decisions about their future with the game. Simply saying soon, or we are not sure is not good enough.

2. Do something about the very low populations on Master Dar'Nala and Gav Daragon. People want to stay on the APAC servers and are more than happy to merge to Dalborra as they have the strongest population.

Here is a list of posts from the APAC/Oceanic Community addressing just some of the issues we want addressed.

Server Consolidation/Mergers/Transfers

Concerns for the future of our servers

General Disregards for the APAC/Oceanic Community Community

Gav Daragon Concerns
At the time of making this thread no one has posted in their sub forums!!! They really are dying!

Dalborra Dissapointment
There are many more however they have been lost due to recent forum changes

Master Dar'Nala Concerns
There are many more however they have been lost due to recent forum changes

I am only just scratching the surface with the above posts. There are lots more, too many to list, these are only the recent ones not to mention the countless amount of threads closed by Bioware due to emotions getting in the way

What you can do as an APAC/Oceanic Player

1. Support this thread!

2. Email Bioware customer service reminging them you are a paying customer and they are not delevering a product on par with the rest of the world.

3. Continue to raise the issue in the General Forums and support and create new threads in the suggestion forums.


My closing thoughts.

As consumers and gamers we have choice. We choose to suport Bioware by paying a subscription fee, however we have the choice to walk away or move onto something else. We have chosen to stick by Bioware and support this great game. Bioware, how about you support us?

Thanks for your time.

<3 Chippy