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09.07.2012 , 12:18 PM | #1162
I've received another indication that when Allison said that nothing has changed, we are to infer that until we hear otherwise, the information we have is still to be taken as current. This from Joveth Gonzalez, who is our current Community Manager - the Big Cheese as far as the SWTOR Community goes:

Quote: Originally Posted by Joveth Gonzalez
Hi Uliain,

We recently received a CS ticket regarding your experience in our community forums. First, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Joveth Gonzalez and I’m the community manager for SWTOR.

We know that same gender romance arcs are an important topic for folks, so we try to direct all conversations about it to one thread in order for us to be able to keep an eye on it and moderate it as needed using our limited resources. We know that SGRA can be a sensitive topic, so we make sure to action any community members that violate our forum policies via hate speech and the like. Keep in mind that we consolidate and redirect ANY threads that are redundant or talk about the same topic, as it is a forum-wide policy of ours.

Please know that we’re definitely keeping up with all of the comments in that thread. Unfortunately, as Allison has said in the past in response to this issue, we do not have any new information since Daniel Erickson’s comments from the Guild Summit back in March. As soon as we have any sort of update, we will immediately let that thread know.

Thank you for your active participation in our community. We know that at times, it can seem frustrating when we do not have new information to share, but rest assured that when we do, that thread will be one of the first places that we’ll update.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
Again, this is from a personal message to me, this time via email. But I want to point out that Joveth specifically mentions Daniel Erickson's comments from the Guild Summit, which is where we were told that we could expect SGRs this year. Now, time-frame on game content is notoriously fluid, but they know we know what was said.

If Allison is saying nothing has changed in regards to SGRA, and Joveth is going out of his way to mention the Guild Summit, I really hope that lays to rest the "Not gonna happen" crowd, and am hopeful that "this year" is still the target window they are shooting for.

I do find it odd that we're getting this indirectly, which is what my ticket was about. Also it's unfortunate I had to go to such an extreme to get this clarified to this extent. But there's our answer as to where things stand.