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Guild Name: Nestinar

Guild Website:

Server: The Progenitor (Europe)

What makes your guild stand out?
Our exquisite website never fails to impress and our unorthodox and sophisticated philosophical approach to the lore in The Old Republic sets us apart. We try to be the elegant guild on our server, to be an example of skill and manners combined with efficiency. Nestinar is pursuing a theme of classic glamour with modern values where every person is appreciated for being who they are, with all the unique qualities which that brings. We maintain a relaxed RP atmosphere in our groups during Operations and Flashpoints, where we stay exclusively In-Character in /say, it enriches the lively Star Wars atmosphere.

In roleplaying terms we are Imperials who believe in the righteousness of their cause and are not allied for the purpose of doing evil. On the contrary, we wish to help bring peace and justice to the galaxy. And evidently that requires the demolishing of the corrupt and decadent system of the Republic. Opposition to the Republic isn't on the grounds of hating democracy or freedom, but rather we are against hypocrisy and exploitation.

With our strongest unique trait being our Ideology, it's not possible to condense it in a brief form. For that I invite you to visit our website and familiarize with our guild yourselves. I guarantee you do not expect our golden rancors.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
We encompass features as organized endgame, roleplaying and non discriminative policy, you can say we are LGBT friendly guild. There is a strong appreciation of individuality - there are no ranks in Nestinar. In addition to our distinctive story background, every part of Nestinar is a custom designed stylized effort to reflect the guild's mental attitude. From our website design to our 'official' forum threads, everything is polished and structured to deliver a feeling of lavishness and coziness.
Nestinar is one of the most atmospheric guilds out there and we'd like to be exposed to more people, perhaps we're the in-game home someone is looking for.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
Nestinar was founded on 11.11.11 (yes, it translates into November 11th, 2011), about a month before SW:TOR's release. Since then we have been stable, clean of "guild drama" and we intend to remain on the European SW:TOR stage for many years.