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I'm very jealous right now.
Not trying to make a "In your face post," I'm sorry if it came off like that; just trying ot describe some of the stuff I did with that feature.

But to inform on another thing (and just look up the SWG vids frm the last days on youtube anyway), dueing the last day events, the city of Coronet was under seige by an Imperial Star Destroyer hovering right over the city with tons of escorts, and vis versa with the Rebellion sending a fleet and tried to take control of Theed.

Seeing that I was Imperial on my main at that point myself and other were destroying a couple Rebel transports at Theed, but alas, Europe Farstar had too many Imperials at the Death Star II generator on Endor. So we never got to destroy the Nebulon B Frig. At least the Rebels weren't able to even dent the Imperial fleet above Coronet haha.

But yeah, there were a couple "Kill X amount of Y" with your ship for hunting badges, etc, and then PvP via starship / air to ground was interesting. Flying thru Restuss in my Arc-170 was interesting haha...