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Imperial Agent has been, by far, the best. Chapter 1 ended pretty cool, chapter 2 was freaking awesome, and then chapter 3 went all Jason Bourne and such. Completely awesome.

Bounty Hunter was good through chapter 1. I love some Mako (great companion) but the rest of the companions, aside from Blizz (he would have sucked too if he hadn't been a Jawa), were awful. And, quite frankly, after chapter 2, I didn't understand why it was that I kept going.

Sith Warrior is fun, I guess. Darth Baras is an awesome character and the fact that his name is tied into the IA story has made it interesting. But, chapter 1 made me feel like a janitor and chapter 2 was more of the same. I'm looking forward to chapter 3 but the downside to all of this is that I really just don't like playing a Jugg. Talk about playing a piano to get things done, OYE!

Smuggler is probably 2nd only to the IA. I love the Malcolm Reynolds/Fire Fly feel to it and I can't wait to get my hands on the chapter 1 antagonist.
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