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Nightwanderer legacy, The Proginator, EU

Rach'an, father of the Nightwanderer family and founder of the feared Rach-Darths widespread reputation.
Rattataki Male Sorcerer Healer (lvl 50)

Rach'ka, daughter to Rach'an
Rattataki Female Sorcerer Ranged DPS (lvl 50)

Rach'mar son of Rach'an
Rattataki Male Mercenary Ranged DPS (lvl 37)

Rach'lia, second daughter to Rach'an
Rattataki Female Sniper Ranged DPS (lvl 50)

Rach'kol daughter of Rach'lia
Rattataki Female Maurauder Melee DPS (lvl 31)

Rach'Ano best friend of Rach'ka, saved her life on several occasions, adopted by Rach'an (not allowed to bear the Nightwanderer surname)
Twi'lek Assassin Tank (lvl 50)

Rach'kor best friend of Rach'an and his companion on several ventures (not allowed to bear the Nightwanderer surname). Godfather of Rach'ka
Human Cyborg, Juggernaut Melee DPS (lvl 50)

Rivalin sister to Rach'kor, not accepted to use a Rach title (yet, Rach'riv perhaps?) and not allowed to use the Nightwanderer surname. Not part of the family, but known by everyone since she's Rach'kor:s sister.
Human Cyborg Assassin Melee DPS (lvl 21)



Chiss Powertech (in no way associated with the Rach family)

Something Operative (might be a Rattataki Rach' but not certain)

One of each of the Republics classes.

I need more character slots.
Societies in decline tend not to innovate. I just wish we had cellphones to report quests. Guess light speed tech and cell phone tech are mutually exclusive.
I know this image is supposed to be an insult, but it's not.
Two similar games and yet SW:ToR is so much better.