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I've been deleting/remaking characters due to lack of slots.


Naeblis: Sith Sorcerer. Human. Level 50.
Lanfear: Sith Juggernaut. Miraluka. Level 50.
Ziare: Powertech. Cyborg. Level 38.
Ra'hvin: Sith Juggernaut. Human. Level 32
Telv'isa'sdra: Sith Marauder. Chiss. Level 11.
Gwynofar: Sith Assassin. Human. Level 13.
Aludra: Imperial Sniper. Cyborg. Level 16
Lews-Therin: Jedi Guardian. Human. Level 10.

Future, when more character slots become available:

Colivar (remake): Sith Assassin. Pureblood.
Raolin: Sith Juggernaut. Human.
Unknown Miraluka Assassin.
Unknown Pureblood Juggernaut.
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