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Current Characters being used
1. Miriallia: Human Female, Sith Inquisitor Assassin AC lvl 40 (Darkside)
2. Sabarral: Mirialin Female, Jedi Concular Shadow AC lvl 21 (Neutral/Lightside)
3. Irileth: Human Female, Jedi Knight Guardian AC lvl 16 (Neutral/Lightside)
4. Karyhn: Human Female, Smuggler Gunslinger AC lvl 12 (Lightside)
5. Heran: Human Male, Sith Warrior Juggernaut AC lvl 12 (Darkside)
6. Volgnot: Human Male, Bounty Hunter PowerTech AC lvl 13 (Neutral)
7. Murrue: Human Female, Bounty Hunter PowerTech AC lvl 16 (LIghtside)
8. Pelarra: Human Female, Trooper Commando AC lvl 14 (Lightside)
Characters for future play when current ones finished (names subject to change if already taken xD)
1. Evantha: Human Female, Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer AC (Darkside)
2. Akira: Human Male, Jedi Knight Sentinel AC (Neutral/Lightside)
3. Garth: Human or Miralin Male, Jedi Concular Shadow or Sage AC (Neutral/Lightside)
4.Yvonne: Human Female, Imperial Agent Sniper AC (Lightside)
5. Name undecided: gender undecided, Sith Warrior Marauder AC (Darkside)
6. Keiran: Human/Mirialin/Twi'lek Male, Smuggler Scoundrel AC (Neutral)
7.Name undecided: Chiss Female, Imperial Agent Operative AC (Neutral)
8. Javic : Human Male, Trooper Vanguard AC (Lightside)
And any other character types I chose to do. Neutral/Lightside means that those Jedi will have romances and Marry but will be primarily Lightside in everything else.
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