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  1. Jedi Master Uluain Voress, raised as a monsatic on Mirial, member of the Council of Reconciliation -- Mirialan Jedi Shadow
  2. Skypp Destin, First Mate on the Auric Wind -- Human Gunslinger
  3. Lieutenant Tyonn (surname pending), commander of Bravo Squad -- Cyborg Commando
  4. Savah Voress, Jedi Knight, Uluain's younger sister -- Mirialan Jedi Guardian
  5. Lord Xaath, Darth Typhonis' enforcer -- Human Sith Marauder (played RP-wise as Rattaki, may reroll with Legacy unlock)
  6. Vaaysh Rakssa, kissai caste Sith ritualist -- Sith Pureblood Sorcerer
  7. Agent Sarannan (surname pending), Tyonn's estranged sister and Imperial Intelligence operative -- Cyborg Operative
  8. Coprophage, former slave / twisted Sith experiment in survival of the will -- Rattaki Mercenary