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08.22.2012 , 10:26 AM | #6
I miss atmospheric flight the most. Near the last few months we were able to fly just above player cities / most planets in general. Hell, you could kill players from your ship in PvP. I miss my Rebel Ace / Freelancer pilot skill...and all my ships. NK's ship ftw also

I still have dreams about JTL sinse Dec 15....I miss that part of SWG just as much as its crafting...

I still own my old X-Wing and Tie Fighter CD roms..but I'm afraid my laptop will mess em up haha / they are so old by now the blocky graphics might make it hard to see even :P .

I just miss customizing my many ships...I loved my black trimmed Arc-170 Starfighter, the ship I looted off of NK-Necrosis, that huge mining ship, my Y-Wing, the one pirate / freelancer fighter I had, Adv X-Wing, Luxury Yatch to escape BH's, and many more...

but just flying across a planet's surfice in my starfighters...flying over large cities, player or already made...I just miss that feeling...especially when I was defending the Death Star II's shield generator on Endor during the last day of SWG on Europe-Farstar....hell I even miss the people I constantly fought against in Restuss...I miss SWG