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I think maybe it is time to set some context on behalf of the community support team. So I'm going to just lay this out for you......

They let a lot of good people go in July, as part of the restructuring I'm sure. Don't believe me? You can follow the bread crumbs via linked-in where there are some very positive recommendations by Allison and Joveth for community staff members at Bioware. Clearly fine people doing fine work that had to be let go because so many people just could not stand to keep subscribing to this MMO.

So begining in late July, they now operate with a much smaller staff, as most of us can observe by their more limited coverage during weekends and off-hours.

At the same time, they stepped up and took on a more active role of being the information channel between the forum membership and the developemnt teams. And it was not lip service, they have been walking the talk and scouring the forums for questions and things that warrant clarifications and then working inside Bioware to bring those to you.

And all of this in an environment of ungratefullness each day in the forums by some of the membership.

So personally, I'm going to encourage everyone to step back a couple steps an cut them a good slice of slack and consideration. Becasue they are doing more, with less staff and resources, and doing it better.

So if you want to ignore all of this and just go on being critical.... nobody can stop you. But I encourage you to think about what I have shared here, and maybe temper your approach to the community support team and show them some gratitude.

And no.. I am not a Bioware insider. But I am observant, can analyze and can put the pieces together fairly well using publicly available information.
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