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Your allegation is not valid.

Actually, I am quite aware of what the operations costs for SWTOR are. It's easy as it is 90% headcount driven.

Here is why your allegation is NOT VALID:

They have, and will continue to scale their operations plan to match the scale of customer base for their MMOs. That is what they have and continue to do for DAOC and Warhammer, and in fact they have done this already for SWTOR in May, and will continue to do so as they review and adjust their operations plan to match revenue with expenses.

The only possible doomsday scenario for EA is if Lucas Arts is guaranteed a minimum floor in royalty payments. There is no evidence of this so far, but if there is, then it would explain why they focus on 500K in a subs model as their profit point for the game. Now that it is going Freemium, that sub number is no longer valid because they have a new busines model that monetizes the game differently.
I find it interesting how you are so certain about these things. Do you work for Bioware of have inside information? *OR* are you making observations with small bits of information and creating your own truth on what is and is not happening.

In any case, it really doesn't matter. We cannot know the future. Perhaps you can humble yourself and speak with more emphasis on things being your opinion as opposed to fact. These conclusions on what is going on are what you have deduced by your own devices and interpretations. Opinions are great, but let's call them what they are. You may find you are taken more seriously if you provide your words in that light.

I sincerely hope this game can pull out of this seemingly downward spiral. I enjoy it.
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