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It's the Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread - Alternate Universe Edition!
by popular request!

Back in June, I started running the Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread. For three months, we've had an excellent time writing stories about our characters and their journies their the class stories and beyond. But in mid-August, a prompt was posted that would change our lives forever...

What if? asked us to consider alternate versions of our characters...timelines where their lives had taken a different path. Some were small changes, others major. The prompt was so popular that requests for a spin-off thread were made, and so this thread is for indulging our curiosity about what might have been for our characters.

Thread Rules:
1. AU Only. This thread is for versions of your character and his/her story that did not happen in your "prime" universe - that is, things that according to your personal canon for the character did not happen. An example would be a re-roll on an RP server, where your character did not go through the class story. Anything that you wish to set in universe "prime" should go into the original weekly challenge thread.
2. No jerky behavior. Everyone's been super cool in the last thread, so let's keep it going. Anybody who acts jerky will get yelled at by me, and probably others. This is such a wonderful community and we ask that everyone is respectful of each other so that we can keep that going.
3. Mark all spoilers and use spoiler tags. These threads move very quickly. By convention, in the original thread we used spoiler tags. Please continue to place your stories under the tag to save space and keep us from having to spend 5 minutes scrolling.
4. Try and set up some context. I'm sure many of us will be writing about millions of varied timelines - so please help keep things organized and briefly explain your story's context, if it is not clear from the story.

A Request: I'm a pre-med student and my schedule is really hectic! I don't mind running both threads, but I worry some about coming up with prompts for them both. So, if you happen to think of a prompt, please send it to me! It would help me out a lot, and I'd really, really appreciate it.

I'm going to try and update this thread with new prompts every Wednesday while the prime thread will continue to be updated on Friday.

I love everyone who writes in these threads.

Current Prompt:
Week of 8/22/12
Friends and Allies - We saw a similar prompt in the prime thread - but what if things were different? What if your character had a different set of friends he or she ran with? How would an alternate version of your character act as a friend, and who would he or she call on as allies?

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